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John Jacob Astor IV and Madeleine Astor.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King on the five-day march to Montgomery, Alabama, March 25, 1965.

The first Kmart department store opens in Garden City, Michigan in 1962

Olive Oatman was 13 when she traveled with her family to California by wagon. Attacked by Indians who killed all of the family but Olive, her Sister (who later died of starvation) and her Brother (who escaped). Sold to the Mojave tribe as a slave, she was tattooed and taken in as "one of their own". She was rescued 5 yrs later. She married John Fairchild in 1860, moved to Sherman TX where she died in 1903 and was buried in West Hill Cemetery on Lamar St. in Sherman.

An early American clothing success story, Levi Strauss was born in Germany ion February 26, 1829, and came to America in 1847 to work for his brothers' dry goods business. In 1853, Strauss went out West where he soon started his own dry goods and clothing company. His company began making heavy-duty work pants, now known as jeans, in 1870s

Nancy Astor, 1908, wife of millionaire John Jacob Astor. They had been on an extended honeymoon in Egypt and Paris, and in the spring of 1912, decided to return to America as First Class passengers on board the brand new Titanic .

Andrew Carnegie 1835-1919. He gave away 350 million dollars during his lifetime (5 billion in today's money).

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Miles City, MT

Grasshopper shot near Miles City Mont 1937.