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  • Tina Thompson

    Cecropia Moth Caterpillar. amazing! Looks like little cacti on it's back!!

  • Cortnie McGinn

    God's creation at it's best.

  • Maki Chan

    Cecropia Moth Caterpillar. "This caterpillar looks adorable because of its pretty combination of colors. This lovely-looking caterpillar is the larva of the cecropia moth, one of the largest moths found in North America. This type of caterpillar is most commonly found on Maple trees, but it had been known to feed on Wild cherry and Birch trees among many others. It is a member of the Saturniidae family, or giant silk moths."

  • Lori Wynn

    Cecropia Moth Caterpillar | Community Post: 17 Animals That Are Ready For A Dubstep Show

  • Gayle Boyken

    Ever amazing Nature. Wow!

  • Josie Neglia

    Most Beautiful Caterpillars- before becoming a beautiful butterfly

  • Abby Chiappetta

    The colors and the texture! This caterpillar is incredible inspiration for jewelry design!

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