This site has every use you could imagine for wine corks

Place cards for Wine Themed dinner party

Wine cork keychains

Recycle wine bottles into tiny chalk boards

Wine cork keychain

Cork earrings

Recycling Candles. Apparently this works so well scentsy is upset about the post! great tut.. I'm posting it in case scentsy makes them take it down! If you have a scentsy warmer, melt down your old candles, pour them into ice cube trays, freeze for 20 minutes then pop them out and store them away in bags and use in your scentsy (or any other warmer).

Take a balloon, glue buttons to it let dry. Pop the balloon, this crafty idea goes for a great bowl.

neat idea!

Wine Cork Project #2 :: How to Cut Corks Easily | The Far Side of the Glass

I used up most of the Tim Holtz charms and beaded grapes with this batch. Yay!

coasters from corks and old picture frames


Corks glued to a yard stick = bulletin board.

Cork candles. Finish your wine and collect corks. Then soak them in a capped mason jar filled with aceatone alcohol for a week. Light them up and enjoy making the easiest candle there ever could be. Happy summer!

Great floor mats are those of the innovative type. This handy homemade mudroom floor mat is an ideal DIY project that you will enjoy all winter.

cork on your fridge

Wine Cork Birdhouse- I am always on the lookout for new wine cork projects. I seem to have an endless supply on hand! ;) It would be great for my step-mom who collects birdhouses. :)