I'm dying laughing


I. can't. stop. laughing!

Giggles. No I'm not asleep either...the mobile beeped @ me. So if I laugh 4 10 mons maybe I will b ok....? I just need horizontal. ...& the charger cord doesn't go that far. Not yet any how. I can fix it...Nxt week. He he. Xxi

im dying

I giggled

The "sad" truth!

i just. i can't even

Here are some funny and geeky things that have been spotted at schools.

How to faster grow mans beard

Kids do the cutest things...hahaha! ;-)

18 Of The Best Closed Captions… Sadly GoKarts and Sobbing Mathematically!.//I got tears in my eyes for laughing too hard!

Hahahah I lost it with It xD

This is hilarious she is blending in with the sound

brothers and sisters funny pictures

On one of the don not repin it says do not repon

In an alternate universe. Dark humor