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    Hydrangeas & Coffee Grounds

    You can change the blossoms of Hydrangeas (Hydrangea spp.) from pink to blue by increasing the acidity of the soil. While adding coffee grounds may reduce soil pH, making it more acidic, the effect is temporary. Using coffee grounds as compost or mulch may benefit these perennial flowering shrubs.
    • Ilona Orosz

      Hydrangeas#myforeverdream - flowers garden

    • Doris Pickerd

      Want Blue Hydrangeas? Add Coffee GroundsHydrangeas need moist, well-drained soil for optimal growth. The pH level of the soil will determine the color of the hydrangea macrophylla blooms. Acidic soils typically produce blue flowers and neutral to alkaline soils result in pink flowers. Additives Adding coffee grounds or other organic material to your hydrangea's soil will reduce the pH level and make aluminum more available to the plant. The result will be hydrangeas that are blue

    • Kay Anne Spiekermann

      Hydrangeas & Coffee Grounds, put some coffee grounds around a hydrangea bush it is supposed to turn purple

    • Susan Holland

      Deer got our hydrangeas AGAIN this year, but this weekend, we surrounded the plants w 2 weeks worth of coffee grounds anyway, in case this also holds true for next year's flowers: Adding coffee grounds to the soil reduces the pH level & makes aluminum more available to the plant. Acidic soil results in blue hydrangeas, alkaline soil in pink flowers. If I can keep Bambi out of my yard, I'll report back on the results of our experiment.

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