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ASHTRAYS-Everyone had one of these on their coffee table when I was a kid.

ASHTRAYS-Everyone had one of these on their coffee table when I was a kid. ~ I did on my table when I was a smoker it was my favorite ashtray.

And arguing about which two kids got to do this

Breaking the wishbone after Thanksgiving dinner. My sister and I always did this every year.

OMG! I totally have this same album! Filled with all my old photos from the 60s-70s.

Oh my, did everyone have one of these wild colored photo albums? Mine was purple and had my pictures from school in it!

Gilligan's Island

Listing of TV shows and series that aired in primetime television featuring cast lists, theme song lyrics, dvds, trivia and more.

Bulova Wristwatch

vintage Bulova - l remember seeing this type of watch. I think my mother may have had her late mother's watch, and it looked very similar to this!

Grandmother's Fringed Hobnail Bedspread: Tradition At Its Best

Hobnail cotton bedspread features a floral and swag pattern. Woven by Maine Heritage Weavers, this heirloom-quality cotton bedding is tradition at it's best.

Old Dentist Chairs

Used to have to rinse and spit at the dentist. No wonder I hate the dentist appointments!

The giant ceramic coffee table ashtrays

The giant ceramic coffee table ashtrays. The coffee table was an alter to smoking.big ashtray, table lighter, carved wooden box containing cigs. All under lace, of course.

Giant Wooden Fork and Spoon Vintage Wall..yep...they were on our wall

Giant Wooden Fork and Spoon Vintage Wall.they were on our wall my mother had these in her kitchen

i was just trying to explain this to my daughter yesterday.  we didn't have a built in dishwasher - it was "portable" (where, exactly, would one take it?!?!) and we had to manually hook it up to the kitchen faucet and turn the water on.  the top was a large cutting board...

Portable dishwasher- roll to the sink and connect to the faucet. Oh how I hated this thing- I always soaked the Kitchen, felt like I was breaking the faucet. but I guess it was better than washing dishes all day.

Blue cornflower pattern....got this as well as some pieces in other patterns-use them all the time

Blue cornflower pattern - mom had some; the only kind you could get

1971 toy | 1971 Gnip Gnop by Parker Brothers | Neighborhood Values Toys & Games

We had this 1971 toy, Gnip Gnop by Parker Brothers, and it was noisy and fun!

McDLT - I worked for McDonald's when these came out. On the cold side, it was mustard, ketchup, onion, pickle, lettuce, mayonnaise, cheese, and then tomato. Precisely in that order.

Jason Alexander must have been born with a bald spot. McDonald's McDLT with Jason Alexander courtesy ArcadeSpookyTree

I would swing high on purpose to knock my cousins off so i could have it all to myself... I was bossy from the start.... Lol

My friend Carolyn & I swung so high we toppled the swing set over.We survived,got the wind knocked out of us. We were much more careful after that incident.