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Monanthes polyphylla in full bloom

Monanthes muralis

Monanthes polyphylla by Pseudolithos, via Flickr

desert bloom

magenta cactus bloom

Wheel barrow full of.succulents

Aloe polyphylla

blooming cactus

sukulenty - Fotoalbum - Sbírkové rostliny - Sbírkové rostliny - Sedum multiceps

Sempervivum arachnoideum (cobweb houseleek) in bloom

Sedum Sieboldi Variegata-Very nice plant. Have never seen it in bloom until now.

Aloe polyphylla in flower

Suculentas - Loja - Plantas oferecidos - Corpuscularia Tayloria (África do Sul)

Smoke bush - The blooms are airy, thus the name "smoke" bush. Also changes colors with the seasons

Epsom Salts for the Garden. Are the leaves on your tomatoes or pepper plants turning yellow? Want more blooms on your rose bushes? Wondering why your lawn is looking brown? Boost plants and grass with Epsom salt, high in magnesium and sulfur. Helps plants grow greener with higher yields and more blooms. This site tells you how much to use for type and size of plant or square footage of ground.

Wow! More than one ring of blooms on it!

A big container full of "Charmed Wine" Oxalis!

Treleasei Sedum as tree

As a general rule, if using the gritty mix water indoor plants every 3-4 days in pots that has a drainage hole. Out doors they have access air humidity, prevents them from losing water as quickly. With full sized plants it’s better to err in under watering, since too much water tends to kill succulents more quickly than too little. Succulents need a short drought in order to encourage new roots to grow. That said, if the roots aren’t getting enough water they’ll dry up and stop growing.

Sempervivum atlanticum

Aloe polyphylla & friends