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She liked to ring her Hello Kitty bike bell whenever she passed, just so others would know she was coming. As if they would ever in a million years miss her. Coming and especially going.

this is alllllll i want to be doing right now.

I want to do this SO bad this summer... Either use a silly band or cut out something on a piece of paper and put it on then, get a tan and you have a tatttoo!!:)

♥ - Kenna Watson, Brianna Weaver, Megan Marques - We need to go cliff diving this summer. It's happening.

Literally obsessed with doing this! Not mention I have this watch so it's perfect!

whoooo neeeds a lame boyfriend during summer when you could have your best friends?!

I want this♥ the simple kind of love where you can be yourself and wear a t shirt and shorts and the guy not care what you look like♥

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