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so gooooood!

Are you living a better life now? If you think you're not... try these simple rules to a better life and let me know if it changes the way you live :)

so gooooood!

If it scares you...

A newborn baby gorilla at Melbourne Zoo gets a checkup at the hospital and shows surprise at the coldness of the stethoscope. CUTEST THING I E'R SEEN. Ha

Just peachy!

Vintage Illustration "Shadow Puppets" Antique Silhouette Print - Children's Print - Hands Animals


A balloon for each year married with a memory tied to it!

I say this all the time. My boyfriend rags on me about it.

It makes my days go by faster.

Need to remember this.

25 Ways to Communicate Respect.. AMAZING :) Every wife or woman needs to read this and put it to action!

No one would believe it

so love my family!

Far from what I once was but not yet what I'm going to be. Weight Loss Motivation ♡

everyday at 2:00 this comes to mind. I don't even need a clock to know it's 2:00


Respect Yourself!

I decided to live it...

I should read this every morning

put your best foot forward. always.

bring it.


good advice