Cupcake Liner as Drip Catcher. Brilliant. kids-do

Store remaining uncooked pasta in a Pringles can. Brilliant!

Keepin' the flies out of the summer drinks with paper muffin liners

Throw-away shower cap keeps clothes clean when traveling with those dirty shoes! Brilliant!

First Aid Kit in Wet Wipe Box for Traveling and in classroom! This will be perfect for in our cars too....we were just saying we needed to do this

lol temporary tattoo, which is cool and all but make no mistake I am pinning it because the example is genius. Vegas here I come. Won't even need a leash this time.

Keep children from using scissors without you...BRILLIANT! No hair cuts that weren't expected!! ha


really useful ideas for organizing.

Use an old ketchup bottle to fill your cupcake pan with no mess. This would be a great for the kids.

Fill balloons with water and add food coloring, once frozen cut the balloons off & they look like giant marbles.

To avoid tangles when you travel, slip your necklace through a drinking straw. BRILLIANT!

genius way to give medicine to infants. snip hole in pacifier insert medicine dropper! Brilliant!

This is brilliant. Whenever the kids complain of being bored they have to pull a paper out of the jar. Might be "go out for ice cream" might be "fold the laundry" :)

How to package cupcakes { use a clear plastic cup}


Vinyl floor tiles on wire shelves. This is brilliant! Prevents leaks and stylizes the shelves. Nothing falls through!

just sew these on some of your shirts. This is brilliant.

27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible I'm in love with this list!