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2 Timothy has to be one of my favorite bible verses. I learned it around 10 years ago and repeated until I felt better. I still do that. A very good friend of mine just sent me this verse and i just don't know if its known how much it means to me.

Finding out... {part 3}

This is so very hard, but true- storms make you a different person whether you like it or not- but a better person at that! Keep up the hope❤ Whitney @Sam McHardy McHardy McHardy McHardy Taylor Van Den Berg @Alysse Balmer Balmer Balmer Balmer Balmer Smith

13 Bible Verses for when you feel empty

No matter the lack of fulfillment, God’s Word holds the promises to combat the emptiness and find fulfillment in Christ.So today I’m sharing these 13 Bible verses for when you feel empty.

I am going to find a happy place Print 8 x 11.5