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Motivate teens and tweens to do their chores!  Use the guest password option to set a daily wifi password for them to earn - if they want FB and Netflix on the iPod and nook... They will do their chores!! Hmmm...saving for future. hahahaha

What a great idea! Want today's wifi password? your beds downstairs the dog------------ WELL PLAYED MOM!

Back and forth journals for Mom and kids. I really love this idea for kids who keep their feelings inside.

Great idea for older foster kids! Back and forth journals for Mom and kids. Especially for kids who keep their feelings inside. Also, great idea for older children and their mom!

Smart idea.

Magnetic Chore Chart - Love the idea of the kids picking what chores they want for the day

Why are people so much smarter than me.  This seems like the dumbest smartest thing of all time.

Je n’arrive pas à croire qu’on ne faisait pas ça avant ! Ces 33 astuces sont juste géniales

use paperclips to find the end of a tape roll so simple yet never thought of it!

Chore charts: 8 DIY ideas | Today's Parent

Chore charts: 8 DIY ideas

Chore [or we say Contribution] Chart from Little Gray Table. Thrifted trays + fun colors + chalkboard paint + magnets (she used wood discs, but you could also use large glass floral stones)

Use a Wipes Container as a Yarn Holder : great way to keep yarn from tangling during projects!

DIY Yarn/Twine Organizer for Crafts. Clean, empty "wipes" container or tennis ball canister works too. (Poke a hole in the lid and thread one end of yarn through hole.) Easy to store too.

We all want to teach our children responsibility, but more than that we want to teach them to work joyfully with glad hearts, right? So when should children start receiving chores beyond “brushing their teeth and combing their hair?” I was totally in the dark. I had no idea these were chores until I …

18 Chores for Your 18 Month Old

On Including Your 18 Month Old in Your Daily Chores This is GREAT. I can totally relate to this Mom, and there are good ideas that are realistic for my little girl.

"midnight blogging"

I put a pair of these in the white elephant this year. Johnny, are you wearing your handerpants?

I like the saying better on this one

Time out Chairs

time out chair I will make this soon. I hate time outs, they make this old NeNe cry too. But a cute pink and white chair and this great message will ease the pain for all involved.

How to Answer the 64 Toughest Interview Questions - everyone who will have another job interview in their future must read!