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    It works like this: as you arrive at a restaurant, each person places their phone facedown in the center of the table. As the meal goes on, you’ll hear various texts and emails arriving… and you’ll do absolutely nothing. You’ll face temptation—maybe even a few involuntary reaches toward the middle of the table—but you’ll be bound by the single, all-important rule of the phone stack: Whoever picks up their phone is footing the bill!



    • Maddie van Bos

      ...stop your freinds from playing with their cellphones during a meal. phones face down stacked at the table. first person to check their phone pays the bill. good idea!

    • Lynda Estacio

      Phone Stacking Game During Meals out with Friends. First one to check their phone, pays the whole bill. No one checks their phone? Everyone pays their portion. Awesome idea!

    • C. D.

      Great idea when going out with friends. Phones get tacked face down at the table during a meal. First person to check their phone pays the bill.

    • Corrine Murphy

      Phones face down, stacked at the table during a meal. First person to check their phone pays the bill. Awesome idea! Really makes people actually engage in conversation with the people there instead of being on Facebook, Pinterest, or texting all night!

    • jo maldonado

      phones face down stacked at the table during a meal. first person to check their phone pays the bill. good idea! Ctfu good idea lol

    • Emma Leigh Hunsaker

      Great idea! People actually having face time with out the cell phones taking over

    • Klara B

      follow memesalldaylong for more funny stuff

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