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Beautiful sea horse. They mate for life and enact a daily courtship ritual involving dancing and changing colours. The male becomes pregnant!

What looks like a series of magical glowing lights is actually a nudibranch! This one is called Janolus cristatus and it grows to around 75mm in length. What a tiny beauty! Since the body is transparent, you can clearly see its intestines running throughout. image credit:Rai Fernandez

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Cornbred's Rainbow Crush CHALICE - Frag - LIVE CORAL

Rainbow Crush Chalice Coral

Hippocampus Seahorse (devolved from dragons of course). Few species do live in fresh water, but most live in salt water. Prey: mysid shrimp and other small crustaceans, and even other kinds of invertebrates and larval fish. With excellent camouflage and patience, seahorses ambush prey that floats within striking range. They produce a distinctive click each time food is ingested. The same clicks are heard with social interactions. Predators: eels, tangs, triggerfish, octopus, and sea…

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The Oceans’ Oddest Creatures and Why They Matter

Pygmy seahorse in camouflage on a sea fan, Borneo, Malaysia. Photo by Vickie Coker, via : The pygmy seahore is less than an inch long and can camouflage itself by changing the color of its skin to match its surroundings. #Pygmy_Seahorse #Malaysia #Vickie_Coker #wired


30 Rarely Seen Albino Animals From Around The World…Amazing!

30 Rarely Seen Albino Animals from Around the World