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    • Julie Winchester

      I know so many people who have lost their moms. I know these people long for the time back. I also know some people who aren't very grateful to their moms...please don't take time for granted. Tell your mother thank you/I love you every chance you get. Without her, who would you be today??? I love my mom and she is my BEST friend she will be tomorrow...for eternity. <3

    • Jennifer Wiseman

      So so true! I miss my mom more every day, but I know my best friend is in heaven looking down on me and she is ALWAYS with me! I love you Mama and Miss you so much!

    • Alyssa Mitchell

      When I was younger me and my mother were constantly at each others throats and as the years went by and grew up a little bit I have realized that my mom is my best friend and I love her so much. She has been here for me all this time even if I was acting like a bitch. My dad might have left my life and I'm happy he did but I'm even happier you stayed. I love you mom and I hope you read this.

    • Tabitha Poole

      I love my mom more than words can say, my best friend and my protector in life. I miss you so much mom, RIP

    • Danielle Gilbert

      So true. I am blessed to have a mother, sisters, and a husband that I can call my best friends!!

    • Ashley Flores

      This is so true! My mom was my best friend a the best mother in the world! Miss you, mom<3

    • Kristen Ortiz

      So true I love my mom so much!! I'm lucky to have her as my best friend!! :)

    • Molly Thomas

      I love my mom more than words can say, my best friend. Love you mom!

    • Jessica Jackson

      oh so true! "A mother is a daughters bestfriend"

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    This is truth. Appreciate what you have while you can. Thank you Mom...

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    always said friends are just family you get to pick for yourself... funny this quote is written by a man sharing my dad's name.... and it is so true.


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    love this!! So true

    Rachel Horsman, you may have been born my cousin, but I know we are sisters. No matter what you and I will always be together. You are always the one I think of when others mention cousins or their sisters and that will never change. I love you girly and I know you will always be there for me as I am for you. ♥