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6-14-14 Loved the moments I spent with Matthew today watching him as he had his senior pictures taken. Loved watching his facial expressions. Was reminded once again at how fast moments pass.

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Truer words have never been spoken. I could be big again so easily. It's scary. I always wished to be thin before thinking I'd NEVER let myself get big again if I could start over. Well, it's not any easier to avoid my addiction thinner than it was heavier. I could be big again so scares me.

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it is the ongoing war with what your heart and body want and what your head tells you cannot be. My heart usually wins....and drags my mind along with it. /wedding-processional-songs-for-brides-bridesmaids

See I'm regretting my fear already, fear is ruling my life, I fear my future is going to be depressing n empty, why? Because I fear I won't have kids as I'm to scared of the pregnancy and pain I fear I won't get to go to travel America and full fill my dreams of traveling and feeling the sand between my toes on a hot beach or ride down Route 66 in a convertible I fear I won't have a stable income I fear I won't have a home to call my own I fear my future health, Please god take my fear away

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