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Mother Marie Skobtzova. Russian Orthodox Nun in France who helped Jews during the Holocaust. In July 1942 the Nazis rounded up thousands of Jews for deportation. Mother Maria managed to enter the stadium where they were being held, and with the help of garbage collectors, smuggled out several children in garbage bins. The Nazis soon warned her to stop helping Jews, but she did not listen. Mother Maria was arrested in February 1943 and sent to concentration camps, where she perished.

A little-known English nun who helped to hide Italian Jews from the Nazis in wartime Rome is being considered as a possible saint. Mother Ricarda Beauchamp Hambrough is credited with playing a vital role in saving the lives of more than 60 Jews by smuggling them into her convent. The Bridgettines,

Anna Essinger was a German-Jewish educator. At the age of 20, she encountered Quakers and was greatly influenced by their attitudes. In 1933, with the Nazi threat looming and the permission of all the parents, she moved the school and its 66 children, mostly Jewish, to safety in England. During the war, Essinger established a reception camp for 10,000 German children sent to England on the Kindertransports. After the war, her school took many child survivors of Nazi concentration camps.

Оmelyan Kovch (1884 — 1944) was a Ukrainian Greek-Catholic priest. In December 30, 1943 he was arrested by the Gestapo for harboring Jews, specifically for providing Jews with more than 600 baptismal certificates. In August 1943 after refusing to sign a pledge about refusing to help others he was deported to Majdanek. On March 25, 1944 he was gassed at Majdanek concentration camp

Portrait of Mother Superior Alfonse, who hid Jewish children from the Nazis in the Dominican Convent of Lubbeek near Hasselt. Yad Vashem recognized her as "Righteous Among the Nations." Belgium, wartime — US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Gisella Perl: She was deported along w/ her family to Auschwitz; where she lost her husband, only son, her extended family & parents. Given the task of working as a doctor, helping the inmates through their disease & discomfort, w/o the bare necessities: antiseptic, clean wipes, even running water. She is MOST FAMOUS, however, for saving the lives of hundreds of mothers by aborting their pregnancies, as pregnant mothers were often beaten & killed or used by Dr. Josef Mengele for…

Felice Rahel Schragenheim was a Jewish resistance fighter during World War II. She is known for her tragic love story with Lilly Wust and death during a march from Gross-Rosen concentration camp to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany or, not later than, March 1945 in Bergen-Belsen.

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World War II : Unsung heroes of the French Resistance : Mother Elisabeth.

Élise Rivet was Mother Superior at the convent of “Notre Dame de Compassion”, where she not only hid refugees from the gestapo, but also used the convent to stash some weapons & ammunition for the resistance. She was eventually caught & sentenced to hard labor. She volunteered to be killed in place of another woman who has children and is taken to the gas chamber.

Mother Marie Dora was a Belgian nun who, during World War II, used her convent to hide Jewish children and allied airmen from the Nazis.(Photo: Notre Dame de Sion)

Klara Hitler. The mother of Adolf Hitler was a loving mother and one of the few people Hitler genuinely loved. She died from breast cancer while he was in his teens.

On Sep 13, 1944, a princess from India lay dead at Dachau concentration camp. She had been tortured by the Nazis, then shot in the head. Her name was Noor Inayat Khan. The Germans knew her only as Nora Baker, a British spy who had gone into occupied France using the code name Madeline. She carried her transmitter from safe house to safe house with the Gestapo trailing her, providing communications for her Resistance unit.

Amelia Elizabeth Dyer née Hobley (1838 – 10 June 1896) was the most prolific baby farm murderer of Victorian England. She was tried and hanged for one murder, but there is little doubt she was responsible for many more similar deaths—possibly 400 or more—over a period of perhaps twenty years.

Dr. Hans Munch, called the "Good Man Of Auschwictz", was the only doctor who helped the prisoners from the inside. He faked experiments to keep the prisoners from being gassed, refused to choose those to be killed at risk of his own life, and even helped some escape. . At risk of his own life, he did what he could to save as many as he could. He was later put on trial, but because of so many Jewish witnesses stating his goodness to them, he was completely acquitted.

Identity photo of Dirke Otten, who gave her identity card to a Jew in order to save her. Otten and her husband hid as many as 50 Jews in their home at one time

Before 1942, American children pledged allegiance to the flag with the Bellamy salute. Worried that it might be confused with the Nazi's Roman salute, Congress changed the salute to simply placing a hand over the heart. - (This so surprised me.)

"He who saves a single soul , saves the world entire" The Jewish Inscription on Schindler’s ring given to him by the Jews at Brunnlitz.

"I am not ashamed of the court's verdict. On the contrary, I am proud to have saved the lives of hundreds of oppressed people. My assistance to Jews was rooted in my Christian world outlook… It was basically a question of saving human lives threatened with death. How could I then seriously consider bureaucratic schemes and calculations? " Paul Grüninger, Swiss border policeman who illegally allowed 3,600 desperate Jews entry to Switzerland. Lost his job and pension, died in poverty.

The 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama was bombed on Sunday, September 15, 1963 as an act of racially motivated terrorism. The explosion at the African-American church, which killed four girls, marked a turning point in the U.S. 1960s Civil Rights Movement and contributed to support for passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Bronka Klibanski, 1942. Jewish resistance. She obtained critical weapons for the Bialystok ghetto revolt in Nazi occupied Poland, gathered intelligence, rescued other Jews, saved the secret archive of the ghetto, continued underground activities after the Bialystok ghetto was destroyed, working with 5 young women to rescue & help Jews. They smuggled weapons, supplies & medicine to the partisans in the forests near Bialystok, & were awarded medals as heroines of the USSR after the war.