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I'm bring my own date. Who? I'll give you a hint. It rhymes with Guliet. Juliet? Nailed it on the first try. That's tight. Shawn and Gus

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My Favorite CS Lewis Quotes

My Favorite CS Lewis Quote ~ The caregivers and homemakers are the reason for everything else even though they never get acknowledgement, pay checks or promotions.

Candy and Dipper are facing each other! they are a future match. My candip senses are tingling. Dont fight it. Mabel is THE love god and she can lead this battleship into war.

This is a really great idea for younger grades and learning names. My younger brother's teacher did this and I thought it was so creative as she required them to bring them everyday for the first week. It helped her learn names and it helped them get used to bringing things back to school.

As if any directioner could go to a concert and NOT have a good time. I wouldn't care if I were sitting crisscross apple sauce in front of the boys, just starting blankly at each other, that's my idea of a great time.