Situ Gunung National Park, Sukabumi, Indonesia

Taken from side of Situ Gunung, Sukabumi - West of Java - Indonesia


Boat in Situ Gunung, Indonesia

situ gunung

Borobudur, Indonesia

Africa | Victoria Falls.

Crystal Shower Falls in Dorrigo National Park, Australia

Lengkuas Island - Indonesia

Redwood National Park, California

Green canyon in Indonesia

gone fishing, boat water sun, you know there are fish in there This photo has inspired me to doing something like this in my work, i like the sun just glaring out of the sky into the camera, i like the boat just being on its own with the sea far in the background, the colors in this photo looks very bright that is what i like about it because i want my work to be bright so people notice my work most.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Journey Taken in West Java

Bunaken National Marine Park @ Indonesia


Mount Bromo, Indonesia

Emerald Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

The United By Blue x Sanborn Canoe Co. Adventure Paddle #bluemovement #scoutforth

Zhiangjiejia National Park in China