This is Sooo cute(: a moment in time(:

Adorable ...

A Moment in time....

A picture of the boys with the clocks stopped at the moment each of them was born.

Frame and Scroll 12-Piece Set I want this to go over the sliding glass door with a frame in the middle to spell family with more pictures!

this is a good idea...

Cute idea

Kitchen decor. Liking the saying on the side of the counter, now it's not so bare.

Picture framing idea!

Stop the clock when your babies are born. A moment in time, changed forever. Love.


old windows

make your own clock

February 2nd: what a lovely idea for a DIY clock. Time spent with family is worth every second, with pictures of family.

awesome idea. Way to repurpose those drop-side cribs that you can legally resell!!

Great idea! Must do in mom and dad's new bathroom.

TONS of ideas for each room in your house. WARNING: If you thought Pinterest was the most addicting site, think again.

i like this cheesy stuff

My babies ❤️ Clocks stopped at their time of birth.

Made with three $5.00 mirrors… Must remember to do this! @ DIY Home Ideas