"food" from the 90's. i can't believe i let my kids eat this stuff.

Things from the 90's you will never see again In your life!!! Yeah...."the good old days" when gas was still 90-something cents a gallon. SIGH.

90's makeup! I wouldn't be shocked if I still have some of this nail polish and Chapstick stashed away somewhere.

90's toy polly pocket

i want some of these right now! (you're a 90's kid if...)

Does this remind anyone else of the 80s and early 90s?

Pogs! My little brother won the neighborhood tournament, he was about 9! We got packets of free pogs and slammers thanks to him! In Orange, Ca sometime in the 90's. -Jackiepins2

You're A 90's Kid if...

90s Candy (30 Photos)

the website has a list of 35 thing's that growing up as a 90's child will never forget, some of my favorite thing's I loved as a kid....remember some of these foods in the grocery store:

toys from the 90s | Lil Miss Red T-Shirt: Flashback Friday: 90's Style.

Too complicated to set up.

I could eat the whole tin in one sitting

It's like someone documented my middle school life. - 50 Signs That You Grew Up In The 90's

Discontinued Foods from the 90s | List of Bygone 1990s Candy & Snacks (Page 19)

Dear Diary! oh the 90's... wonder if I still have mine somewhere!

You know you had one too #90s

the 90s life. Remember these....the 90s?? I made one last week!