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Sammy Davis and Juan Mendoza - West Side Story Medley, 1964

Lizzie Miles & Sharkey with Kings of Dixieland - A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND

▶ Enrico Caruso sings Siciliana ("O Lola"), 1910 recording - YouTube

Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Bluuuue

luke Jordan~"cocaine Blues" 1927

Alan Price - I Put A Spell On You

Bali Ha'i by Sarah Vaughan Photo: Joseph Breitenbach - Night Club Singer, Sarah Vaughan, 1949.

Tom Hardy raps Prince's Soliloquy from "Henry IV" -

Woodkid - Brooklyn

Odetta - Waterboy (LIVE - BEST VERSION) Belafonte returns on Carnegie Hall Album

Michael Ball - Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - Les Misérables 10th Anniversary Concert, -goosebumps at 01:20 and 02:23

Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong - The Blues Are Brewin

Silvana Mangano (dubbed by Flo Sandon's) in Italian film "Anna" - El Negro Zumbon

Balanescu Quartet - Maria T album featuring the music and voice of Maria Tanase – Wine's so good

Johnnie Ray singing “Cry” photo by Leonard McCombe, Los Angeles, 1952

Louis Armstrong and his big band, "Swinging On Nothing" 1942. Vocals by Luis Russell and Velma Middleton, with pretty amazing dancing.

balanescu quartet : life and death

Yma Sumac - Bo mambo

Las Corraleras de Lebrija - 'La liebre' - Sevillanas, Carlos Saura

Rufus Wainwright sings Shakespeare Sonnet 29 - 'When in disgrace with fortune...' From the album, 'When Love Speaks'.

Rose Murphy's Pennies From Heaven - The Artist Soundtrack

Katyna Ranieri - Oh My Love (Music by Riz Ortolani) -Drive Soundtrack

Jeff Buckley - Dido's Lament (Meltdown Festival 1995 bootleg) --Remember me, but forget my fate. Photo by Merri Cyr

Simply Red - Every Time We Say Goodbye, Cole Porter cover, 1987 --but how strange the change ...from major to minor