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“My husband had been stationed in Afghanistan since July of 2011. He is a member of the Army Reserve as well as a police officer for Tampa Police Department. His leave was right before last Christmas and the kids had no idea he was coming home. My son would sit in his bed at night and cry about how he just wanted daddy to be home... and it broke my heart not to be able to tell him, but the surprise was well worth it! We had a great time, and daddy will be home for good this July!” -Danyelle…

U.S. Army Soldier Surprises His Children and Mother at Airport | “Because of the nature of my husband’s job, it was unsure if he was going to get R leave at all. When he called to say he was, we thought it best not to tell the kids in case something changed. We were going to the airport to pick up my mother-in-law, but the kids had no idea their dad was also there. After their surprise, my husband also surprised his mom. It was great to watch her get her arms around her son!” -Cari S.

Excited Soldier Surprises Fiance & Their Reunion Will Make You Weep (VIDEO)

[VIDEO] THE BEST CHRISTMAS SURPRISE MILITARY HOMECOMINGS | Here is a compilation of some of the best Christmas surprise homecoming videos that have been sent into the blog over the years. Thanks to all who have served in the past, those who are serving now, and the families and friends that offer much needed support. Merry Christmas from Welcome Home Blog!

[VIDEO] Soldier on Leave Surprises His Six Children One-by-One | “My husband came home on leave May 10, 2012 from Afghanistan and surprised our 6 children. He hadn’t seen the kids in almost 7 months… grab some tissue. This video is for my children. The had a very long deployment without their dad who is currently still over there. And this video just lets everyone know how much a child loves their dad and how much a dad loves his children no matter how far away he is. FAMILY is always…

Sausage & Cream Cheese Crescents

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