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I'm loving these three piece suits with print shirt/tie guys are wearing - very professorial and cute but too hot for where I live.

Hugh Jackman. This celebrities board on Pinterest is bad for me. 😁

Hugh Michael Jackman is an Australian actor and producer who is involved in film, musical theatre, and television. Jackman has won international recognition for his roles in major films, notably as action/superhero, period and romance characters. Wikipedia Born: October 12, 1968 (age 43), Sydney Height: 6' 2" (1.89 m)

Hugh Jackman - Awesome on the Tonys today so cute with his wife who "can't keep a secret 'just going to the loo see you in a minute'"

I do not find Hugh attractive at all but I think he is an incredible person. He is so loyal to his wife of 20 yrs even with a bevy of actresses around. To me, that is the handsomest , best most honorable thing in a man. Making his women happy and secure despite all. If a man can do that? Put his woman first, above all other women ; all else will fall into place.

Hugh Jackman...just a tad hot...I'm thinking a shower...together

Hugh Jackman True story: I clicked on this because I didn't really think it was Hugh Jackman. Then I said to myself out loud, "That IS Hugh Jackman. What just happened to my ovaries?!"

Dear, Lord. Thank you for Hugh Jackman. He is GORGEOUS! Love, The Girl Drooling Over This Picture.

Wow, this is so awesome! Love everything about this look! #mensStyle #mensFashion