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See how the gradient worked itself out. just put paint lines on cosmetic sponge it soaked it all up dab on nails the colors magically blended together.

from The Beauty Thesis

Pink glitter over black polish

Pink glitter over black polish... 1) Apply a glossy black polish and let dry 2)Apply a pink glitter polish to a makeup sponge and dab on the very tips of nails until you have a solid pink tip 3)Create a gradient using less and less glitter towards the nail bed. 4) Voila! Glitter Gradient Nails! [cuticle area is sloppy, but cute overall]

Black eyeliner is always chic but for a eye-catching twist, go for a hue that pops like aqua or purple. Begin with a neutral eyeshadow—nothing should compete with the color sweep. Starting at the inner corner of the eye follow the line of lashes along the lid. An easy trick for an unsteady hand: add a dot at the inner corner, then the middle of the lid, then at the end of the lid and then connect the three. Get the look with LORAC PRO Front of the Line eyeliner from Kohl’s.