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SERIOUSLY!!! It's just annoying ... but I guess some people have no original bones in their bodies. {copy cat.}

copy life imitation fail. Amusing tho. Get your own. Maybe if you got your own life, you wouldn't fail miserably trying to imitate mine. #ecard by Mel

#truth everything I pin you pin, everyone I follow u follow, every board I make you make, you ain't nothing but a crazy bitch!!!!

Hate when you get into certain stuff or favorite things (type of music, style etc.) then certain people have to copy you and compete. Your not getting anywhere in life... You know who you are.

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It is what it is... keep bring me up in all your shit andyou will have a reason, except I have tact and class and fight my own battles! I dont want to be like you never have, never will, you have nothing I want or cant or havent already gotten for myself... so keep being a copy cat stalker what ever you want to call it its very amusing to me and many others!