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Chalk board gift tags! Reusable! This is so clever. These little wood cutouts are cheap at Michael's, and a little chalkboard paint goes a long way! LOVE THIS!!!

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family picture gift tags

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Clever and cute




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Pictures instead of tags. Neat!

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Free printable chalkboard Gift Tags | gorgeous!

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There's an unexplainable charm about doilies!

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Braided headbands - I'm doing this!

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I love salt water dough ornaments/tags. These are so cute!

DIY Crafty Projectsfrom DIY Crafty Projects

50 Cute Crafty Snowman Projects for Christmas

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Tag You Re


Cute tag idea using scalloped circle punches and cardstock!

HubPagesfrom HubPages

5 Easy DIY Pinterest Crafts

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Recycle wine bottles into tiny chalk boards for your kitchen!

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Cute DIY Nail Polish and File Sets - Homemade Gift Idea for Girls!! These will go in all the girl's basket in the family for their xmas gift from Ally & I...We are having so much fun making!! #loveourfamilytraditions :)

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Chalk pots!!

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Custom Color Chalk Board Paint Cheaper?

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Popsicle Stick Gift Tags - experiment with colors!

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use chalk paint on canning jars then slightly sand the raised print.

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How to make your words into a shape using Microsoft Word. Always good to know

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Pretty Packaging: Printable Chevron Petal Boxes

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Links to some of the best free printables online

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fun, cheap bookmarks

Lia Griffithfrom Lia Griffith

Sweet Summertime Printable Gift Wrap and Gift Tags

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Orange Printable

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Free printable gorgeous gift tags!