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''Danke für die schöne Zeit' ist dann wohl alles, was man noch sagen könnte" I have no idea what all that means but it looks cool so I shall leave it there | Look around!

"When someone else's happiness is your happineess, that's LOVE. - Lana Del Rey Quote @Katie Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Romagno

Something's in life are undeniably fact and without question or reprise the truest sense of ones being... Blissful. 2.

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See Jane.

Every time!

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40 Pinterest-Ready Inspirational Quotes

I just did it by turning down a full time job doing not my dream for a part time job doing my dream.

Louis Tomlinson Quote And Literally All One Direction Wall Sticker Quotes Are Going In My New Room! (Yea that's right my fantasy room is LITERALLY coming to life (: I'm so excited!)

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Free Printable

LOVE this free printable chalkboard quote! So cute and SO true!

Or...make yourself happy. I spend so much time doing things for the wrong reasons. I'm so burned out. It's time to make some decisions for my own well being and not to please (insert name.)