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    Maenad - in Greek mythology, maenads (Ancient Greek: μαινάδες, mainádes) were the female followers of Dionysus (Bacchus in the Roman pantheon).

    Nane was an Armenian pagan Mother Goddess. She was the Goddess of War, Wisdom, and Motherhood, and the daughter of the supreme God Aramazd. Nane looked like a young beautiful woman in the clothing of a warrior, with spear and shield in hand, like the Greek Athene, with whom she was identified in the Hellenic period.

    photo by leopold reutlinger in 1910

    Bather, Igor Belkovsky

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    The Morrigan is an ancient Celtic goddess of battle, strife, war and perhaps ironically, fertility. She is often depicted in the form of a crow or raven. Similar to the Valkyries in Norse mythology, the Morrigan used her magic to hinder or help warriors, as she saw fit. It is not wise to cross the Morrigan, as the Irish hero, Cúchulainn, learned when he unwisely failed to recognize her in her various forms. Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned....

    Yggdrasil, The World Tree / Norse Mythology


    Elephant Automaton Clock, 1600-1625, German (Augsburg), Gilt metal with enameling, Presented to the Martin D'Arcy Museum of Art by Mrs. Thomas Stamm with deep appreciation and affection in recognition of Rev. John J. Piderit, S.J., 22nd President, Loyola University Chicago, 89-03, Loyola University Museum of Art

    Fun Arm Cast Cover to turn your cast into an accessory! #DogPaw print

    Bestseller "Sensation: A Superhero Novel"

    The Cailleach is a very ancient Irish deity mentioned many times in early Irish mythological texts. She is the old hag, witch, seer, prophetess and goddess. The Green Cauldron

    Truth lies just beneath the surface by “Sarmati” In Slavic mythology, the rusalki were fish-women, who lived at the bottom of rivers. In the middle of the night, they would walk out to the bank and dance in meadows. If they saw handsome men, they would fascinate them with songs and dancing, mesmerize them, then leading them away to the river floor to their deaths.

    Qetesh is a Goddess adopted into Egyptian mythology from the Canaanite religion, popular during the New Kingdom. She was a Fertility Goddess of Sacred Ecstasy and Sexual Pleasure. She is called "Mistress of All the Gods", "Lady of the Stars of Heaven", "Beloved of Ptah", "Great of magic, mistress of the stars", and "Eye of Ra, without her equal". Qadshu is also used as an epithet of Athirat, the Great Mother Goddess of the Canaanites.

    fairy tales

    Medusa one of my favorites from greek mythology ♥

    ❀ live, love, laugh, sing, dance & be happy ~ Wild woman sisterhood ❀ “Dance is an active meditation. When we dance, we go beyond thought, beyond mind and beyond our own individuality to become one in the divine ecstasy of the union with the cosmic spirit. This is the essence of a true dance experience ~ Goa Gill ~

    The lady with the raven, ponder and plight; the lady with the raven, eyes burning bright; in satin green gowns, and hair of bushel browns; she sits in the fields, her smile a frown; on her arm perches a raven of black; with stands of silver flowing down its back; I know you my lady, I know how much you suffer; but suffer no more, for your crown I shall recover. - EH

    artemis-Greek mythology

    Vesta’s themes are home, love, fertility and peace. Her symbols are fire, donkeys and veils. In Roman mythology, Vesta was part of every fire. As such, Vesta commends the sacred fires of the hearth, the heart of spiritual and emotional stability in your home.

    A Phooka is a very dangerous and often violent shapeshifting trickster from Celtic myth, known for their ability to change into great fearsome black animals so that they can scare humans. Some Phookas take a liking to humans and just play harmless pranks (like Harvey the rabbit of Jimmy Stewart movie fame) other Phookas are blood-thirsty vampire-like creatures which lure humans to their doom. Normaly harmless and peaceful, these violent tempered creatures are highly vengeful and greatly...