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*Power Pellets -Anytime I call out "Power Position" the students have to stop what they are doing, fold their arms, and look at me. The first one to do so quietly will get a Power Pellet (aka, one skittle). Seriously teachers, THIS WORKS! I don't even really yell the words, I just simply and casually say them and they stop. It's magic what one Skittle will do for a kiddo!

Need to make this!! When they return their completed reading log, they get to pick a sucker! Now, some of these suckers have black dots on the ends of the stick. If they are lucky enough to pull out one of those, they get to pick from the treasure box. I thought a sucker once a month would be okay – that’s probably how long it will take most families to fill a reading sheet. Some will fill them up faster, some will fill them up slower.

Love this idea! Pull a name from the Mystery Hero jar. Don't say their name, but let kids know you are watching your Mystery Hero. If the Mystery Hero does a good job reward them, and if they aren't on their best behavior just say to the class that the Mystery Hero needs to try harder. Don't call the student out or let students know who it was.

The Science Penguinfrom The Science Penguin

Classroom Management Solution: Hand Signals

This site has some great classroom management ideas using hand signals vs. actual talking. Great for teachers to use with young kids!

Students must highlight their name before putting it in the tray. Great way to make sure all papers have names! I call it "Magic Ink!!"

teach2youfrom teach2you

Plicker real-time formative assessment!

Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices! Which is really cool in my class given we only have laptops...

It is called Smart Beads. Whenever a student participates in class, maybe when no one else will, gets a question correct, basically just stands out in making an effort academically you tell them to get a smart bead. at then end of the day they trade their smart beads in for a smart slip to take home and give to their parents, they can share with them how they earned them. I love this idea because it can boost confidence academically. Cute new idea!

My classroom door design for Read Across America Week. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Minds in Bloomfrom Minds in Bloom

Make the Most of Your Class Marble Jar

A marble jar can be a powerful reinforcer for positive classroom behavior. Here are some tips for using it effectively.