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#twpp: simplicity - feather by Tasha Chawner, via Flickr | I've cheated this weekend and used a photo I took a couple of weeks back... still not feeling 100% well :-(

A little late with last week's prompt for #twpp: 'playing a game'. We had the weekend with the grandparents, so it was word puzzles all round!

Taken with my iphone, for the weekend photo project. #TWPP . I saw my jewellery making/sewing/drawing glasses this morning, and it struck me just how much magnification they have!

mjc-2013-09-26-IMG_9422 Taken last week while camping at my brothers. I was playing a lot with the settings on my camera, and also, trying to frame my photos - so even though I took it earlier, it was taken with the theme in mind :) #TWPP

For mothers day I got an envelope maker, woohoo!!! No more bought envelopes :) I also sort of got a coffee maker, for my hot chocolate. (I think Neil wanted it for his coffee, and gave it to me since it was mothers day.) Makes delicious hot chocolate though. The booklet, and receipts etc are all over my desk, together with everything else I haven't put away for the last.... few weeks. #TWPP