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Rose Franken. LOVE this, might be my favorite quote of the moment. This is probably the biggest piece of marriage advice I could give anybody. BE SILLY ... in your daily life, as lovers, even as parents.

In my past I met mr narcissistic, he treated me very bad fysical and mental, I didn't dare to leave him and I 'felt he was all I had' after all abuse.. Couldn't even be myself before he found new ways to terrorize me. But one day I made a choice to leave him and be free. That was the best choice of my life. I finally found myself again and I love myself now. And then I met someone that treated me with respect and loves me for who I am <3 #truestory

How I imagine my fingers dancing upon your skin. Feeling ever muscle ripple underneath, learning every scar....massage

so when i met you i was like "hmm we could be pretty good friends i suppose" and now im sitting here like "wow we're way more than friends how did that happen". soo...i blame you because you are always there all irresistable and loveable and stuff so i obviously couldn't help but fall for you ;D