gaahina = I ship it hardcore even though I stopped following Naruto years ago.

My favorite Hinata ship, hands down. This reminds me so much of my story "Shadows," though the drawing pre-dates the fic.

Gaara and Hinata

o - e I like it though and my friend asked me to color it so I did c: Bawhahaha Credit . Gaara and Hinata

let me taste you by chikiblue on DeviantArt

let me taste you by chikiblue on DeviantArt

Hinata & Gaara

I do like kiba and hinata better but this is the only person I can stamd gaara with

Gaara Hinata?

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Pequeño incidente - 1° - Wattpad

Pequeño incidente - 1°

neruteru: “SasuHina Month, Day Crossover Happy SasuHina month everyone! Decided to do a HPcrossover (I think I mixed up Crossover and AU, but whatever it’s ok?