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  • Lori Acosta Berry

    Great site for free books online! Awesome! Example : Goodnight iPad :-)

  • Pinching Your Pennies

    Goodnight iPad: a Parody for the next generation - Just $9.06! - #Amazon, #Goodnightipad, #Pinchingyourpennies

  • Kristin D.

    A funny twist on my fav children's book! Goodnight Moon becomes Goodnight iPad ;)

  • Jennifer Ogden

    Tonights bed time story- worth reading to the kiddos

  • Sherilyn Paoletti

    Goodnight Ipad by Ann Droyd - Kid Books we love to read

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30 book yearly challenge with Literature genre posters. Maybe could adapt this into the iPod/iReader theme for upper grades

I need to buy this card. You're clearly depressed. Also, no one should know that many lyrics to a Nickleback song...

A Book of Secrets by the Authors Lloyd Bradley, Thomas Eaton, Emma Hooley, Patrick Humphires, Charlotte Willamson. It features snips of information such as a daily flight from the USA to Cuba, a 1966 government bacteria light bulb conspiracy, the abandoned underground movie theater in France, and more. It's a very fun read in my opinion.

REVISED - I use this during the week of Dr. Seuss's birthday. It encourages the kids to bring in some of their favorite books to share while also e...

You could combine "exploration" and "books" for theme . . . vintage globe, binoculars (sp? :-), the green/mustard yellow and blue is a cool color combo for boys room????

Take the NAG out of communicating things to your children... Let the animals do the talking! Everyday I ask my kids the same questions: “Did you flush?”, “Did you brush?”, “Do you know what a napkin is?” – it goes on and on. I wonder if they even hear my words. When it comes to communicating with children, I think it helps to create an element of humor and surprise. Here’s a trick to get their attention – all you’ll need is a bag of plastic animals, an X-Acto knife and something to say.

OR had one of those balls flick you in the fingernail!, hurt like a mother fucker too!