fairy dust!

Fairy Dust

Cobalt blue fairy dust pendant necklace by PinkCupcakeJC on Etsy, $16.00

Fairy Dust party pack x 20 by enchantedbyfae on Etsy

Fairy Dust Glass Favor Jars

A OOAK bottle of blue Fairy Dust by Whimsical Properties .

6pcs Set Fairy Dust Glitter Pixie Dust Bottle with Fairy Wand for Fairy Party Favors

Fairy Dust Party Favors with Magic Wands

Most beautiful birthday party... Little girls in fairy costumes and bows with a hint of fairy dust<3

Salt and pepper shakers . Diy idea for tables at "fairy" wedding Fairy/Pixie+Dust+Combo+Party+Pack+x+20+by+enchantedbyfae+on+Etsy,+$33.00

Fairy Party Games ~ Top 10 fairy games for your little fairies Birthday party.

Raising girls that LOVE to read! Such a great list!

Plant your own fairy garden..seeds, a little dirt, sprinkle with "fairy dust" and wave the magic wand!

Might as well add an oven mitt or a decorative pillow to her head. I've hated baby head bands since I was a kid. Keep em small. There's nothing wrong with having a bald baby girl.


now all I need is a fairy to go with it.

Fairy Wings necklace

garden+fairy+party | Fairy House, Fairy Garden Party, Miniature Fairy House, Woodland ...

fairy lantern