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According to the report, 60% of these wealthy Americans owned a smartphone, of which more than 80% had downloaded an app.

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Smartphones Hit the Holidays—Users open up to purchases in wider variety of categories

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Mobile luxury shoppers were most interested in using apps to gain access to discounts. Forty-six percent of those who had downloaded or planned to download any mobile app said they expected a luxury app to provide them with a loyalty program. Early access to sales was the second-highest anticipated app feature, at 45%.

Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?

Millennials Lead the Quest for Mobile-Enabled, Just-in-Time Information MAY 15, 2012 Consumer demand for instant information underscores the importance of mobile search for marketers

The infographic below illustrates the direction in which the mobile commerce is headed, and shows the race between iPhone and Android. Digital marketing technology company Monetate issued the report from which this information is extracted. The report analyzed more than 100 million online shopping experiences to come up with the data below.

eMarketer estimates nearly 116 million Americans will use a smartphone at least monthly by the end of this year, up from 93.1 million in 2011. By 2013, they will represent over half of all mobile phone users, and by 2016, nearly three in five consumers will have a smartphone.

According to an Interactive Advertising Bureau survey from November 2014 asking smartphone owners how they planned to use their devices between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, 35% cited convenience in the upper-funnel activities of searching, researching and finding what they were looking for.

Entertainment and media is a particularly significant player in the mobile ad market. Adfonic found in Q4 2012 that it accounted for two out of five mobile ad dollars. With the industry’s considerable ad performance on tablets, it’s likely that an increasing share of these mobile dollars will move to tablets.

Forrester also provided insight as to how users find the apps they’re using. Most go through the legitimate storefronts on their device, like the Apple App Store and Google Play, but pre-installed apps represent a very large piece of the pie, as you can see below. People also tend to find out about apps mostly through word of mouth, according to the report, with recommendations and featured spots in App Stores coming in next.

Consumers' Expectations High for Luxury Brands on Mobile— The highest percentage of high-end consumers expect luxury apps to include a loyalty program