Baby & Mama sleeping sign- I'm gonna need me one of these- not that I have very many visitors.

Sleeping Baby & Protective Dogs. Please DO NOT knock or ring the bell. Call or text if you need assistance.

I really need a sign like this.


Make something similar for the front door so people don't ring the bell

I was thinking something like this for the girls' rooms would be cool. Get a little floating shelf or bookcase and this would look awesome and match you decor.

Candy Bow Sleeping Bag | The Land of Nod | The ultimate gift for your girlie girl

jenna von baby nursery. Love the ribbon hanging on the front of the crib

EASY > Under table hammock.

36 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent

baby's going home outfit in shadow box

baby shower gift // wow!

Some version of this to hand over the doorbell outside to deter the UPS from ringing the doorbell during nap time :)

Sibling Series: Juggling Different Baby and Toddler Sleep Schedules. Good to know for later!

I've been meaning to make one of these picture books for Ella!

$22.95 Li'l Squirt Baby Pool

Ages when baby teeth come in and fall out...good to know! mine is ahead of the game for sure

So cute!

baby shower gift

no soliciting baby sleeping sign. need to make this! if the doorbell always rings when I'm trying to nap then I'm def Guna need this when the baby gets here!

Toddler or baby art! Stickers or paint tape and finger paint