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    Beach Body Workout

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    • Elisha Boots

      Scissor Tap- Lie on right side, right forearm propping up upper body, left arm raised and legs splayed wide with right leg in front. Engage abs to lift torso, keeping weight on right hip, and reach right hand to tap between shins. Return to start. Scissor legs so left is in front of right, and tap again for 1 rep. Do 15 reps. Switch sides; repeat. #abs #obliques

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    12-minute ab workout.

    Reverse Dumbbell Chop- Bend your knees, rotate your torso, and hold a dumbbell in both hands outside your left thigh. Keeping your arms straight, swing the weight above your right shoulder as you straighten your legs.

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    Flat abs fast: The core strengthening workout - The #1 weight loss product review site on the web!

    5 Minutes to Flat Abs: Works transversus and trectus abdominis and obliques. Sit with feet planted, right hand on ground about a foot behind right hip, left hand on head, elbow out; lift hips. Hold tabletop pose as you bend torso and raise right knee to touch left elbow over midsection (as shown). Do 12 reps. Switch sides; repeat. #SelfMagazine

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    Skip the Gym With These Simple Ab Moves: Work abs and hips with the 'Ab Splitter' move. Lie faceup, legs extended, arms above head. Raise legs as high as you can as you sit up, reaching fingers to toes (as shown); return to start. Raise and spread legs wide, then sit up, reaching hands between thighs; return to start. Tuck knees in and reach fingers to toes as you sit up; return to start. Continue for 1 minute. #SelfMagazine

    8 lower ab workouts

    Simple Ab Moves (No Equipment Needed!): Try 15 reps of this 'Tense/Relax' move by starting faceup and flat on the ground and then contracting and drawing knees toward your chest. #SelfMagazine

    5 Minutes to Flat Abs: Works transversus and rectus abdominis and obliques. Start in plank position on forearms, palms down, feet together. Flip right palm up as you move right forearm forward a few inches; repeat on left (as shown). Reverse movement: Move left forearm back as you flip palm down; repeat on right to return to start for 1 rep. Do 15 reps. #SelfMagazine

    Melt the Muffin Top...The Power Abs Workout (this one looks great, and like it will work the legs and butt too). Like the way they show it, too.

    LOVE this move... totally kills your core and you have ot work up to it but when you do it right it's awesome! 15-Minute Workout: Fresh Flat Belly Moves

    Jillian Michaels Workout: 4 Amazing Ab Exercises, as featured in Women's Health; 1. Side Plank with Alternating Leg Raise, 2. Triangle Press, 3. Uneven Arm Hold with Arm Fly, and 4. Superman Roll into Pike Crunch

    great ab workout for love handles and thighs

    This workout is no joke! I did it this morning instead of running but I feel like I ran!

    for after baby someone said: 30-day ab challenge. I just had to repin this because I've been doing it for only 4 days now (and at only 10 reps instead of 25) and already I'm seeing definition. And I've tried pretty much every Ab workout on pintrest and haven't seen these kind of results.

    Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Moves for Flat Abs: Plank Cross - Start in plank position with wrists directly beneath shoulders. Engage abs as you bring left knee to right elbow (as shown). Hold for 3 counts. Return to plank. Repeat on opposite side for 1 rep. Do 10 reps. #SELFmagazine