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This filly is NOT a "Pintaloosa", she was tested for the tobiano gene when born. She is from generations of appaloosa and came out uniquely marked. And was registered by her Montana owner as Uniquely Destined.

Mother Nature can throw some curveballs, and when it comes to putting color onto a horse, she outdid herself with the markings she put on an filly born last year in Montana. With several generations of straight Appaloosa breeding behind her, this filly--registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club as Uniquely Destined--is one the likes of which few folks have ever seen. Juli Thorson's Horse Talk: January 2010

A "pintaloosa," a horse with both tobiano and Appaloosa (Lp) genes. The tobiano white cancels out the Appaloosa pattern on portions of the horse's body.

Sooty causes darkening or dark dappling. This filly is an extreme example of sooty on palomino(dna tested palomino). The cause and mechanism of sooty is currently unknown. -Nix Alba

Tennessee Walking Horses - CLOUD 9 WALKERS (Walkaloosa Gelding) - Pinto Appaloosa markings: Tobiano, Leopard Spots.

I didn't know this! Chimeras are the result of the fusing of fraternal twins in utero resulting in 2 sets of DNA in 1 horse. The dual DNA is not always manifested as brindle. Often. it results in random patches of color