wrap thread around a balloon, spray with fabric stiffener, and pop the balloon.

Lights in string balls


Think I might've pinned this before but who cares

Lace lanterns are made by overlapping lace doilies on an inflated balloon and brushing fabric stiffener (or wallpaper glue, or even white glue) onto the doilies. Make sure to cover whole thing with the glue. Let the doilies dry overnight to ensure that they are completely dry. The last step is to pop the balloon and pull it out of the opening. The lanterns can be hung with a ribbon or fishing line draped with strands of beads, as was done in our event.

Pink and Purple Pom-Poms with Snowy Cotton Balloons: Pink and Purple Shower/Party Decoration

Holy moly, it’s a ball made of flowers! (Styrofoam is magic.) You could hang these for parties, or have them sit atop a vase. | Floral Arrangement Hacks

For collecting cards (that are also the gift). So it's not just laying on a table.. With money in it..

Sand and flower table decorations - love this!

decorations for baby girl's room

diy string ball

Love these centerpieces

Strings of mini-lights attached to a rod behind sheer fabric. Beautiful!

Cool decoration idea! I made these in elementary. You dip string in sugar and water and cover a blown up balloon. Once it dries, you pop the balloon.

Hot air balloon wedding centerpieces

BEST IDEA EVER! Floating canopy: the balloons are attached to the ground with fishing line, probably the coolest thing ever.

DIY:: Love The Beach Year Round ! Dollar Wine glass candle holders

water lanterns - a balloon and a glow stick.

Framed Votive and Flower Centerpiece. Take a picture frame, spray paint it, add filer and lots of little votive candles. Could also add a single small vase in the center with a few flowers. Possibly do this for some tables and the bowl with the floating candles for the others?

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