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innovart en crochet: Linda en crochet

innovart en crochet -- contains many other great crochet patterns.

innovart en crochet~INSPIRATION ONLY~ I love this scarf, but no pattern was given, and no info as to where to get it.

Blooger Innovart Crochet shares these Chevrons as well. I like 23 a lot...and 24, too. Lots of possiblities!!

Oooooh brill! I can crochet around my old glad jam jars I recycle after using them and make these. How fun :D

For when you've had so much time on your hands that you've already covered every tabletop and doorknob in your own home and the homes of everyone you know... start making apple covers.

Pretty crochet patterns for many motifs and doilies. #crochet unit crochet pattern