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Let's go camping, just the two of us.

The night sky full of stars is one of the most wondrous works of our marvelous loving Creator. No words can describe the beauty of them. To have a clear view without clouds and the glaring lights of the city is a deeply humbling and enriching experience...

Offer (as part of the package) wood, kindling, and smores packs for beach fires

Love this couple photo, I want a shot like this in ak this summer!

Yes, love is painful. But as C. S. Lewis suggests, we can respond to any relationship with either a closed, hellish heart, or an open, heavenly heart. If you keep your heart open, that same pain can become a purifying pain, a strengthening pain. If we choose forgiveness over bitterness, that pain can heal instead of hurt. Instead of a pain that divides, it can be a pain that binds. click and read.. AW