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Creepy....i would like to take a picture like this with some friends

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Come play with us... Seriously creepy stuff to be had and shared on the TravelCreepster open forums

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Creepy dood in the window...

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wow...very creepy

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went away to friend's cabin in the middle of a creepy forest, friend leaves (wife goes in labor?) leaving character in unknown odd little house alone, when creepy figure starts harassing his window… stuck there for a week with this lovely lady

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How fun would it be to do this to the garden shed @ Halloween ~ "How many skeletons are in your closet?" A.K.A. famous last words...

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“Smiling Bitches.” Mia Mäkilä. Mäkilä describes her art as “horror pop surrealism” or “dark lowbrow.” “I paint my demons. I paint nightmares. To get rid of them. I paint my fears. I paint my sorrow. To deal with them.”

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Something dark in a corner can be very scary.. a wicked witch, demo or ghoul? What is she? Great decoration to haunt the inside of your house for Halloween #hauntedhouse #witch #wickedwitch #ghoul #demon #black #halloween #halloweendecorations wik I Or howabout in a dark corner of the yard? Not first noticed but when you do - creepy......

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In a dark dark house, in the dark dark woods

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"I taste like the dreams of mad children" sprayed onto a wall in the abandoned Clairvaux Tuberculosis Hospital

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gothic halloween decorations | Gothic Windows make the perfect halloween decorations for any haunted ...

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halloween used to be really creepy

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always passing out candy

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freaky, but very interesting.

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