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  • Alexandros Hanialidis

    Did you know that before Facebook or MySpace – and even before Friendster – there was a social network called Friends Reunited? This infographic from contains this and other factoids from over 30 years of online social networking. The timeline stretches all the way back to 1978, when Ward Christensen and Randy Suess created the first computerized bulletin board system (CBBS) to make announcements and plan meetups with friends; and continues through the Facebook IPO

  • Paul Salais Jr.

    The History of #SocialMedia #Business #Infographic

  • Kreationline

    A history of the Business of Social Media #infographic Wenn euer Business vergößern wollt oder gerade dabei seid eines zu starten, dann schaut euch unsere Website an: Wenn ihr irgendwelche Fragen habt freuen wir uns über eure Nachricht!

  • Yücel Söylemez

    The History Of Social Media (1978-2012) [INFOGRAPHIC] - Cheat Sheet, Communication, Computer, Education, GSM, Guide, History, Industry, Interactive, Internet, social, Technology, Web Site, World, infografía, infografica, infografik, INFOGRAPHIC, infographique,aol, aol instant messenger, Apple, BBS, Beacon, bebo, bing, blogger, Buzz, digg, Facebook, Friends Reunited, Friendster, Geocities, Google, history timeline, Information Superhighway, Ipad, iphone, IPO, ITV, linkedin, Microsoft, Mosaic

  • Social News Network Austin

    A History of the Business of Social Media #infographic #socialmedia

  • Jaime Pajuelo Grández

    Historia de las #redessociales #socialmedia

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