Digging these | 1960s, Mary Quant

Harlequin suede mini skirt late 1960s - early 1970s ~ had one of these, loved it!

60's fashion Mary Quant Mini Skirt geometric prints, and mini skirts, black and white

Cléo de Mérode, French dancer of the Belle Époque

Vogue 60's

Young girls wore mini skirts in the 1960's. They weren't kidding about mini.

60's Fashion. I actually had a dress very similar to this. Not the same type of fabric but this style.



Louis Féraud, 1970 vintage fashion color photo print ad models magazine designer novelty print art dress mini skirt faces black brown green lattice boots 70s

1950s legs of Debra Paget (Am. actress incl. in Love Me Tender (Elvis' debut film; she's b. 1933 Aug19, worked till 1965) • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debra_Paget

1960's Here we come.

1960s fashion

pink skirt

Groovy 60's fashion

Jenny In London Summer 1965 - American teen Stephanie Sikorski (seated in car), of Allentown, PA, won an eight day trip to England sponsored by Hess’s Department store. On Wednesday Stephanie was off to a big party with London models Gai Wright and Jenny Boyd all shown posing in Mary Quant fashions. Jenny Boyd is wearing a shirt-dress by Mary Quant for Daphne, $25. From Ingenue magazine, November 1965.

Classic 70's Our high school cheerleaders wore Button Down Oxford Shirts and short skirts. speech

"I think the woman of the future,morphologically speaking, will have a young body" Courrèges said.He was the one who established geometry and new materials for fashion. Photo by William Klein, 1964.