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Green house bedroom.... beautiful views from all angles and all the natural light you could ever want. Add some indoor plants and you have an atrium.

Home library / open-feel reading room with large windows offering the courtyard view. I usually prefer to read in cozy somewhat "safe / enclosed" kinda vibes, but this is also very nice.

But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? (Collection of rooms for your inspiration 39 @ ShockBlast)

The Bed in A Treehouse "In a Treehouse" (Hafiz) Light Will someday split you open Even if your life is now a cage, ... Love will surely bust you wide open Into an unfettered, blooming new galaxy ... Behold the Beautiful Drunk Singing One From the lunar vantage point of love. ... He is conducting the affairs Of the whole universe While throwing wild parties In a tree house - on a limb In your heart.

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Philippe Allaeys Bed and Tray

Wow, what a view!

.A window seat with padded seat, storage below and all around plus the view is amazing. Well built.