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Archery Providing Entertainment at a Teenage Party   by Yale Joel

Birthday party archery, photo by Yale Joel. I have no idea what era this is from -- somewhere between judging by the attire -- but the fun they are having, and the laughter, it all makes me smile.

13 Fashion Trends From the Early 2000s That You Totally Wore: Useless belts (pictured on Michelle Trachtenberg) | allure.com

13 Trends From the Early 2000s That You Totally Wore

How to kiss properly - 1942 Life Magazine.  I kind of love this. Framing it.

How to kiss properly - 1942 Life Magazine

How to kiss properly - 1942 Life Magazine. So I've been doing it wrong all these years! Lol, this made me laugh.

I won't forget the way to your lips. Take me here and now and we'll figure the rest out later. We made it work then, it'll work later and forever because we have the parts the rest don't even know about. -BSMITH1987

19 Kisses Captured At The Perfect Moment: Marlene Dietrich kisses a GI as he arrives home from World War II in this is just a heart warming beautiful photo.

so sweet. NY Times Square kiss

The stars of the famous kiss photograph, when the sailor grabbed the nurse for a spontaneous kiss when President Harry Truman announced the end of World War II

Women's archery, London Olympics, 1908

1908 Olympics: Olympic Archery Women competitors in the national round archery event, which was won by Sybil 'Queenie' Newall of Great BritainPhotograph: Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Teddy Boys, 1950s England. Don't be fooled - these boys could fight.

The 10 best British youth cultures

British Teddy Boys, post war working class teenage boy gangs (Teddy Girls were the counter part).