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  • Tiffany

    Love Conquers All-- New Tattoo maybe...?

  • Maeve Bristow

    Amor vincit Omnia in Latin- Love conquers all. we could find napkins, make banners etc...or some other latin quote

  • Lindsey Boyd

    Want this as a tattoo! Amor vincit Omnia in Latin- Love conquers all.

  • Marsha Winters

    Love Conquers All good tattoo words!

  • Keisha Davis

    Love Conquers All tattoo quote.

  • Lala Pink

    amor vincit omnia - love conquers all, tattoo ideas, script tattoo, tattoo

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When you can see past all the huge negatives, and still care about that person and want to be there for them in whatever fashion you need to be, that is when love has conquered. Real love isn't loving their qualities, it's loving their flaws, as well.

When you settle for less then you deserve, you end up with even less than what you settled for. Placement

Posted under FUNNY because its all lies, love doesn't conquer jack shit.

Love this quote and the tat is on the side where I want it

Love Conquers All WOULDN'T THAT BE NICE?!

I like the idea of a tree tattoo because I love trees but also as a memorial tattoo. Possibly having birds flying out of the tree representing loved ones that passed or having initials carved in the tree. I love the whole correlation between life and earth.

"Love conquers all" - could be engraved on the inside of a wedding band. #engrave #weddingband

"love conquers all"