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A solar-powered egg-shaped urban home by Dai Haifei -a 24-year-old architect from Beijing China. His off-the-grid, urban-nomadic home relies on solar power for energy. (I want one)

lamp by Victor Vetterlein that teaches children about the importance and power of solar energy

PROXIMITY HOTEL Greensboro, NC. First LEED© Platinum Hotel in USA. America's first installation of the regenerative drive for Otis' Gen2 elevator, which reduces net energy usage by capturing the system’s energy and feeds it back into the building’s internal electrical grid. In addition, 100 solar panels on the roof generate energy to heat water.

SOLVINDEN Solar-powered, bird The solar panel converts sunlight to energy. Easy to use. No cables or plugs are needed.

The Solar Sunflower collects energy via the solar panel and applies this to generate durable power for your mobile devices.

The Consol Solar Jar harnesses the power of the sun to provide a lovely warm glow that lasts up to six hours

The annual report was created by Munich-based agency Serviceplan for solar energy supplier Austria Solar.

The annual report was created by Munich-based agency Serviceplan for solar energy supplier Austria Solar. The pages were printed in light sensitive ink so that the content becomes visible under sunlight.

Designer Michele Puzzolante introduced us her latest concept: a Solar Flaoting Resort that would be entirely self-powering thanks to the dye-sensitized solar cells which would be integrated into the vessel’s walls. Convinced that solar energy is the solution to global warming and environment issues. I would so love to go there!

The Freeplay Companion Radio is a radio, a flashlight, and a cellphone charger. It has a solar panel and a crank so you'll never run out of power, and you'll never have to buy disposable batteries.

Repurpose recycled schoolbags, manufactured by Rethaka Pty Ltd. from Rustenburg South Africa, include a small solar panel that charges while in sunlight. At night, when fitted to a Consol solar jar, this provides up to 12 hours of light for reading and homework.

Scientist Dr. David Nocera has finally perfected a low-cost, artificial leaf-like device, that like a real leaf, mimics the process of photosynthesis. Nocera announced the creation of a miniature solar cell at the 241st National Meeting of the American Chemical Society last week. Nocera hopes to use his “leaf” to help make individual homes capable of becoming their own self-sufficient power stations.

Solar Panel Layers Rendering of a Solar Panel - Spend Significantly Less on your energy bills with solar panel technology. Learn how at: onlinesolarpowerpanels.com

Rethaka (South Africa) recycles plastic shopping bags to make durable and desirable Repurpose Schoolbags. The bags are distributed to under-resourced schools where many kids don't have proper book bags. To help motorists see children walking to and from school, the bags have a reflective strip. They also feature a solar panel that provides light at night, a huge help in homes that don't have or can't afford electricity.


Using coal and kerosene to fuel a stove is both costly and hazardous. Social entrepreneur Crosby Menzies hopes it will become a thing of the past in Africa. He rolled out his solar cooker, a satellite-dish shaped oven that uses sunlight to cook meals, in the Johannesburg township of Soweto.

Solar Camel, from the GIZ Health Sector Programme in Kenya - a lovely picture, but not related to the implementation of mobile phone technology in Kenya

Vintage Pan Am / Rome baggage claim tag (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mr38/sets/72157604507795690/with/2619868540/)

Rooftop view... Paris, France. I had a very similar view from my room in an unusually upscale Parisian youth hostel back in the late 1980s. Oh, to be young again. *sigh*

geometric poster