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geraniums are my favorite and my best

Courtyard Garden ~ Cordoba
, Spain

Geraniums/ATTRACTS: Monarch Butterflies. Plant with Grape Vines (perfect companion plant) which attracts Downy Woodpeckers. Can be planted in containers and hanging baskets (moss baskets). NEVER PLANT NEAR STRAWBERRIES! Plant in mass plantings. Keep away from Peonies, lily, Tulips, Roses, Fushia, Basil, Coleus and Tomatoes.

100 Container Gardening Ideas | Pink Geraniums | Geraniums in full bloom really make an impact. Flowers come in many different colors and may be single or double. Pinch off old, faded blooms to keep new flowers forming.

Geranium Several types of geraniums are grown as houseplants. Regal or Martha Washington geranium, pictured, has the largest, showiest blooms, but requires cool growing conditions. The common garden geranium (P. x hortorum), and ivy geranium (P. peltatum), also offer showy flowers but on easier-growing plants. - Maybe I'd have better luck with Martha Washington geraniums indoors.

Johnson's Blue Geranium - One of my very favorite plants. Very hardy and drought tolerant. So easy to propagate that I literally have it all over my yard to help control weeds! Happy to share!

Keep your garden tools rust free. Fill an old paint can w/ SAND, not dirt. Pour in a small can of oil. Keep your garden tools in the sand. It works by keeping them clean and oiled